early career microbiologists' forum

the early career microbiologists’ (ecm) forum was established in 2016 to give early career members of the society a way to influence our work. every member starting out in their microbiology career is invited to join the forum. members of the forum are kept in the loop about opportunities of interest within the society, and are eligible to vote for the executive committee – a group of ecm forum members which steers the group.

who can be part of the ecm forum?

all members of the society are welcome to join the forum. as a guide, we consider you an early career microbiologist if you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student, or within five years of appointment to your first position after your highest degree earned. however, if this doesn’t fit your situation and you consider yourself an early career scientist working in a microbiology, you are welcome to join. this group is not just for academic scientists. we want to take the views of all microbiologists, whether you are medical, clinical, veterinary, industrial or working in other relevant fields, into account as we make the society work for you.

why you should join

in addition to the benefits of the society 2022世界杯对阵分析 that all society members enjoy, ecm forum member benefits include:

  • exclusive access to free places on selected training courses for core skills.
  • discounted access to ecm-focused conferences and meetings including the flagship ecm forum summer conference.
  • eligibility for an ecm forum poster prize if presenting at the annual conference.
  • eligibility to apply for the ecm co-chairing scheme at the annual conference.
  • the right to run for a position and vote for your elected representatives on the executive committee and its subgroups.
  • a quarterly newsletter which shares upcoming exclusive opportunities for forum members

watch our video below to find out ecm forum chair-elect colman o'cathail has to say about the ecm forum and our new online activity, ecm forum online 2020.


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