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from 2023, microbiology will become a fully open access (oa) journal after a two-year period of rapid growth in the proportion of oa articles published in this title. this will be a turning point in the 75-year history of the society’s longest-running journalmicrobiology will become the society’s third fully oa title joining microbial genomics and access microbiology. the society continues to promote oa publishing in its three remaining hybrid titles.

this is the latest step in the 英格兰vs美国谁会赢? ’s transition from predominantly operating a subscription model requiring that readers buy access to paywalled articles, to models that support oa publishing, namely:

pricing for both publish and read and article process charges (apcs) are published on our journals platform.

open access mandates and compliance

the society’s transformation to open access publishing has a long history and over the course of time, we have developed policies and practices to maximise the distribution, usage and discovery of our published content. reasons for doing so include fulfilling our charitable and educational remit to making microbiological knowledge as widely available as possible and enabling our authors to comply with the oa requirements of their funding bodies and institutions.

our green open access policy of allowing authors to post their accepted manuscripts (author accepted manuscript, aam) in subject or institutional repositories on the day of publication, without embargo remains a supported route to oa compliance (for instance with plan s’s rights retention strategy during a transitional phase). however, as its purpose is to enable oa within a subscription model, we anticipate that the more oa articles we publish, the less need or reliance on this route there will be.

publishing across the breadth of microbiology

discover everything you need to know about publishing in the 英格兰vs美国谁会赢? journals, browse our collections and access some of the latest research in our blog. 

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    thinking of submitting your research to one of our journals? here is everything you need to know about preparing an article for publication.

  • access microbiology is now an open research platform

    find out how we used a learned society curation award from the wellcome trust and the howard hughes medical institute, to develop our sound science, open access journal, access microbiology, into an open research platform.

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    explore our blog for information on the latest research from our microbiology community and beyond.

spotlight journal collections

  • bacterial cell envelopes

    microbiology has published many findings that have contributed to our understanding of the structure, function and biogenesis of bacterial envelopes. we celebrate the journal's 75th year with a special collection of reviews guest-edited by professor tracy palmer (newcastle, uk) and dr yinka somorin (national university of ireland, galway), highlighting important areas of current research.

  • fungal spotlight: host-associated microbiomes

    guest edited by professor corby kistler (university of minnesota, usa), dr ferry hagen (westerdijk fungal biodiversity institute, netherlands), dr david fitzpatrick (maynooth university, ireland) & dr daniel croll (university of neuchâtel, switzerland) the collection features fungi in host-associated microbiomes, host-fungal or fungal-microbe interactions and fungi in natural & manmade ecosystems.

  • implications of climate change for terrestrial microbiomes and global cycles

    guest-edited by dr michael macey (open university, uk), dr sarah worsley (uea, uk), and dr geertje van keulen (swansea university, uk), this collection aims to highlight key research investigating the role of soil microbiomes in climate feedback processes, and their response to global change.

  • microbe profiles

    microbiology is now publishing ‘microbe profiles’ – concise, review-type articles that provide overviews of the classification, structure and properties of novel microbes, written by leading microbiologists. these profiles will provide insights into key microbes within the field.

  • avian viruses

    this collection presents high-quality work on important avian pathogens and their host interactions. the collection is curated by journal of general virology editor professor paul britton (the pirbright institute, uk) and editorial board member dr mike skinner (imperial college london, uk).

  • ictv virus taxonomy profiles

    journal of general virology ictv virus taxonomy profiles are a freely available series of concise, review-type articles that provide overviews of the classification, structure and properties of individual virus orders, families and genera.


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